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  • 3 Easy Baking Ideas

    For those of you who are home with the children over the next few weeks, here are 3 very easy baking recipes to keep them occupied.   The Simplest Sponge Cake Ingredients:  4 Eggs 225g Butter (at room temperature) 225g Self Raising Flour 225g Caster Sugar Some jam 1 tsp Icing Sugar Method: Pu... View Post
  • Sam's Chocolate Brownies

    Some cooks prefer to whisk the butter and sugar together separately, and then sieve the flour before folding it in a little at a time etc etc, but I tend to go for the quicker, easier option of throwing the whole lot into a mixer before bunging the brownies in the oven. Here's my foolproof recipe... View Post
  • Homemade Spelt Bread

    It may not be the most traditional farmhouse loaf, but spelt is certainly a welcome change from the wheat based breads that we consume so much of. It's easier to digest, more nutritious, and really tasty too! You'll need a loaf tin for this recipe, but if you don't have one we'd suggest not addi... View Post