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  • Butterflied Chicken

    This is such a great way of cooking chicken, particularly in the summer months when you can BBQ it (or at least finish it off on a BBQ for extra flavour!) I tend to ask my butcher to butterfly the chicken for me, as frankly I know it'll get done properly that way. Of course, there are plenty of ... View Post
  • Courgette & Thyme Lemon Drizzle Cake

    If you have a bit of a courgette glut on your hands, then baking cakes is a great way of using them up! This lemon drizzle cake is seriously good... Ingredients: For the cake: 200g self raising flour 175g butter, softened 175g caster sugar 3 eggs 1 tsp baking powder 2 courgettes (approx 250-300g... View Post
  • The Best BBQ Chicken Skewers

    I find chicken skewers are often a bit bland on the BBQ, with chargrilled flavour completely overtaking, as well as drying out the meat. I was really happy when a friend put me on to a lightly spiced yoghurt marinade. It makes for the tastiest, most tender BBQ chicken skewers. Ingredients (ser... View Post