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  • Baked Egg "Surprises"

    In our humble opinion, baked eggs do not get nearly enough recognition.They are incredibly quick, easy and fuss-free to get them onto the kitchen table in the morning, and there are dozens of different "surprises" that you can put into the bottom of the ramekins. This can be anything you fancy -... View Post
  • Sam's Tips for Real Gravy

    OK, I don't want to blow my own trumpet, but I make pretty good gravy! From scratch. In fact, the other day, we had friends of ours around for a Sunday roast, neither of them eat meat so we just had a good old nut roast with my veggie gravy, and they wouldn't believe it when I said it was genuine... View Post
  • Mushroom & Leek Pie

    One of the best things about autumn has got to be PIE! It's comfort food at its best, and so quick and easy to make (assuming you cheat and use pre-made pastry dough.)Leeks and mushrooms are in season now, and there are so many different wild mushrooms in farmers markets and farmshops that you c... View Post