Choose From 3 Different Table Top Styles Below
We categorise our tables by their tops. We have the Reclaimed Pine, Rustic Oak and Prime Oak dining table options. Each of these tops can be paired with either our turned or square leg base options which you can select in the individual product pages. If you're looking for something with weathered character then head straight for the reclaimed wood farmhouse table as this displays bags of old snags, dings and dents and is a totally unique piece of furniture. The imperfections of the reclaimed wood table top is what makes it so wonderful. It takes a long time to get this top just right as we don't want to loose the tone and texture but also we want it to be super smooth for when you receive it. 
Are you Looking for something completely unique? Then take a look at the Rustic Oak farmhouse table, our personal favourite. This top has a beautiful waney edge down each side which is a real eye catcher when it comes to entertaining guests. It boasts natural knots and splits and the lovely thing about it is that every top is completely different.  Finally we have the Prime Oak top which is completely fault free, silky smooth and is a really smart piece. The staves are nice and wide and you have an uninterrupted flow of natural grain from one end of the table top to the other. The Prime Oak dining table is certainly the one if you're looking for clean lines and a beautiful blemish free finish. 
Still not quite sure which top is best for you? Head over to our style page HERE to get a more detailed overview, or give us a call on 01803 362368 for one of us to explain the options in further detail.