We hope that your table will provide many years of pleasure and be part of lots of happy times. Whilst it is built to be a robust Farmhouse Table it still needs a little loving care.

Your table will be painted with Farrow and Ball's Modern Eggshell unless otherwise requested which offers an extremely robust and durable finish. If it becomes dirty it is easily wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Your table top has been treated with Treatex Hardwax Oil. As standard we use the Clear Matt finish unless otherwise requested. It is easy to maintain but above all provides a hard wearing and attractive finish.
Treatex Hardwax Oil is manufactured on a base of natural sustainable raw materials: jojoba oil, linseed oil,sun flower oil, beeswax, candelilla wax and carnauba wax.

Whilst Treatex Hardwax Oil offers an exceptionally durable surface it must be remembered that the base surface is wood and will therefore be liable to dent and scratch. However, this may simply add to the charm, character and history of your table top.

Do not allow liquids to stand on your surface for long periods of time. Mop up spills of water and other liquids. Never use bleach or aggressive cleaners on your surface.

Your table can be cleaned by simply wiping with a damp, not wet cloth. If the surface looks dull spray lightly with Treatex Spray On Floor & Surface Cleaner and wipe clean with a cloth. Treatex Spray On Floor & Surface Cleaner contains vegetable oils and carnauba wax, this means that as the surface is cleaned a thin replenishing and protective layer of wax is also applied. For more worn wooden surfaces, you can apply Treatex wax polish. This forms a durable, water repellent and non slip finish. Treatex Wax Polish can be wiped on using a lint free cloth or buffed on using a slow machine with a white pad.

Please visit for more details or email us with any queries.

Your table has been manufactured from selected quality materials.

Moisture content on manufacture is approximately 10% to 14% your home is probably in the region of 5% to 6% if not lower.

Allow your table time to acclimatize slowly, preferably in a cool room increasing the temperature slowly and over a period of time.

Please remember that timber is a natural product which is susceptible to natural movement and loss of moisture.
Do not:
• Put straight into a hot centrally or otherwise heated room
• Stand next to hot radiators
• Stand next to an open re or any other heater
• Leave in direct sunlight

Small amounts of movement are perfectly normal and usually add to the character of your table . We cannot be held responsible for excessive movement if the above guidelines are not followed.

Please call us if you notice any excessive movement or have any other queries about caring for your table


If you buy extensions for your table then the same care applies to these as they do to the tables. Extensions must be stored with plenty of air around them and preferably in the same room as the table so there is no large difference in moisture levels.
Do not store your extension in a cold and damp space or in a garage.
If you find over time that your extension arms become a little stiff to insert into the holes then rub some candle wax on to the arms which will help them slide better.