country kitchen table
Create the Look - Studio Space
This new studio style table works really well for a stylish workspace. It is very unfussy, with simple lines that should help you keep a clear mind while you're working (if kept tidy!)
The Table Top
Any of the three table top styles will work nicely in a studio, although we do really love the Rustic Oak for adding character and giving a bit of soul and creativity to the workplace.
The Legs
The A frame works really well in a studio space if you are using the table as your desk. If you're after something that you can seat a few more around for a meeting, then we'd recommend the Square Frame which will keep things clean but afford more space. Add a bit of colour to the legs to bring in a touch of creativity and atmosphere to the room.
The Seats
The Tootie Chair is the ideal choice for the work place. They are unbelievably comfortable, sturdy with the beech legs, and you can choose from a range of different colours.