country kitchen table
Create the Look - Contemporary Kitchen
Square leg frames work really well in a more contemporary environment, and you can pick chairs to enhance the look.
The Table Top
Prime European Oak is an excellent choice for the contemporary kitchen. It has a very clean, smooth finish and the wood is free of knots, splits and blemishes. Using this table top in your contemporary kitchen will help to keep things looking smart and up-to-date.
The Legs
It's got to be the contemporary square legs for this style of kitchen. If you want to keep things very clean, then using a natural colour on the legs will work really well, but we'd encourage you to play around with colour a bit, as a bold, bright finish can really look great in a contemporary kitchen.
The Seats
We have a few different options for the contemporary kitchen. To keep things looking smart, you could go for either the Prime Oak Monty Bench or the Painted Spindle Back Dining Chairs in the same colourway. The Oak Longworth Chair is another good option for the contemporary kitchen, especially if you're after the more natural look.
The Other Bits
When it comes to the rest of your contemporary kitchen, here are our top tips:
1. Maximise natural light and openness
2. Keep lines clean with sleek kitchen cabinets and clever storage
3. Opt for a background of clean colours - whites and greys work well
4. Pay attention to lighting - you can have a bit of fun and creativity when choosing your lights so shop around.
5. Tiles are great! We love tiles both on the wall and on the floor in a contemporary kitchen.


Here are some contemporary kitchen examples (photos courtesy of some of our customers!)