Fresh blues in gorgeous hues.
Ultra Marine Blue
Scotch Blue
Oval Room Blue
Stone Blue
De Nimes
Inchyra Blue
Pavilion Blue
Pale Powder
Teresa's Green
Green Blue
Dix Blue
Borrowed Light
Light Blue
Parma Gray
Lulworth Blue
Cook's Blue
Cabbage White
Blue Ground
St Giles Blue
Pitch Blue
Stiffkey Blue
Hague Blue

More Colour Groups

Not ready to choose a colour?

We can get your order started without a colour choice selected at the time of placing your order. Just add the letters TBC to the colour box when prompted for your colour choice on the product page. When we are ready to start painting, we'll be in touch to get your final choice.

Want to dive deeper?

Our friends at Farrow & Ball are the true experts in colour. If you want to get into the juicy details of each colour and it's history, you can find out more about all of these wonderful paints on the Farrow & Ball website.