Farmhouse Diaries


  • Half Term Fun

    With half term fast approaching and the likelihood of being home more than previous Autumn school holidays, we thought we’d share with you some inspiration for family activities to enjoy during the October break.   Pumpkin picking and decorating Halloween is guaranteed to be different this year b... View Post
  • 3 Things you'll love about our table extensions

    We have yet to hear a bad word about our table extensions - we take so much pride in our craftsmanship and designs, and our table extensions are testament to that. Here are 3 things that make them a bit more brilliant than your average table extensions... 1. We make the table tops in one whole ... View Post
  • What's your colour style?

    Are you a maximalist, who loves big colours and eye-catching pieces? Or are you more of a fan of clean lines and no-fuss design? We've got some ideas for both, and for those who are somewhere in between! There's a lot to be said for the power of colour in the home. The paint that you choose for ... View Post