Farmhouse Diaries

In the Garden

  • October in the garden

    October marks the start of the autumn leaves falling. It is also an ideal time for moving and planting trees, shrubs and climbers as well as hedge planting. Rake up healthy fallen leaves to make leaf mould. Place in a wire netting bin or store leaves in pierced bin liners to be used as a mulch ne... View Post
  • September in the Garden

    September is an excellent time for planting as the soil is still warm but moisture levels are increasing, which makes perfect conditions for plants to root. Trees and Shrubs This is the perfect time to plant and move shrubs and trees without having to worry excessively about their survival and ... View Post
  • August in the Garden

    It’s tempting to put the garden on the back burner but the garden still needs attention if you are to carry on the summer show for as long as possible as well as relaxing on the lawn! Here are a few tips from professional garden designer, Sally Watts.  Shrubs Hebes and lavenders need to be ligh... View Post