Farmhouse Diaries

In the Garden

  • May - enough of that cold weather, bring on some heat!

    Nature can play cruel tricks and be challenging to us gardeners due to the cold, frosty, dry conditions we had in April. Our gardens haven’t put on the spurt we expected, quite the opposite from last year. View Post
  • April - the month the garden really takes off!

    It's not just the plants you want to grow that are going for it at this time of year; weeds are doing their best to take over too! Little and often is a great approach for weeding. Tackling them regularly means you remove them before they get too established, which will save lots of time in the l... View Post
  • March - hooray, Spring is here at last!

    We certainly have had every kind of weather thrown at us last month. Make the most of longer days and warming soil to prepare your garden for the growing season. It's all systems go! Get cracking and complete any jobs that had to be abandoned last month due to bad weather.   Evergreen ShrubsNow ... View Post