Super Fast Pea Soup

This super speedy pea soup doesn't even require cooking! It's great for kids and is a healthy quick fix dinner, ready in literally minutes.


450g peas
800ml stock (vegetable or chicken)
Handful fresh mint
Crème fraiche/cream (optional)
Some croutons, if you like!


1. Pour a bag of frozen peas into a blender.

2. Add fresh stock or boiling water straight from the kettle (if you're out of stock, add a tablespoon of bouillon or a vegetable stock cube) and a handful of fresh mint and seasoning.

3. Blend until smooth. Please be careful with the lid of the blender here, and don't get scorched by steam leaking out of the lid or by the boiling liquid spilling over the top of the blender. I use a tea towel to hold the lid down and open it tentatively.

4. Pour into bowls with a swirl of crème fraiche/cream ans top with crunchy croutons.